Campus Advisory Council (CAC)

Campus Advisory Council  2023-2024

Welcome to the Akins Early College High School CAC!!

The CAC is made up of parents and staff members who assist and advise the principal in the development, review, and revision of the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP); making decisions pertaining to curriculum and school organization, and other topics as brought forward that pertain to the school as a whole.

Meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month and are open to the public. At each meeting, public comments are allowed with a 3-minute maximum per person speaking.


We will be electing new Chairs at the September 6th meeting! Please consider running for chair if interested.

2022-2023 CAC Co-Chair:

Staff- Cecelia Gutierrez

Parent- Pending


Meeting Times

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

Meetings typically last 60 minutes.

Date Location Agenda Minutes
September 6th, 2023 Library  Sept 2023 Agenda Sept 2023 Minutes
October 4th, 2022 Eagles Nest Oct 2023 Agenda Oct 2023 Minutes
November 1st, 2022 Eagles Nest Nov 2023 Agenda Nov 2023 Minutes
December 6th, 2022 Eagles Nest Dec 2023 Agenda Dec 2023 Minutes 
January 10th, 2022  Cancelled Eagles Nest NO MEETING NO MEETING
February 7th, 2022 Eagles Nest Feb 2024 Agenda  
March 6th, 2022 Eagles Nest March 2024 Agenda  
April 3rd, 2022 Eagles Nest    
May 1st, 2022 Eagles Nest    



Date Location Agenda Minutes
September 7, 2022 Library - Agenda 9/7/2022 Sept 7 Meeting Minutes 
October 5th, 2022 Eagles Nest Agenda 10/5/2022 Oct 5 Meeting Minutes
November 2nd, 2022 Eagles Nest    
December 6th, 2022 Eagles Nest   December 7th Meeting Minutes
January 11th, 2022 Eagles Nest NO MEETING  
February 1st, 2022 Eagles Nest Agenda 02/07/2023  
March 1st, 2022 Eagles Nest Agenda 3/22/2023  
April 5th, 2022 Eagles Nest Agenda 4/05/2023  
May 3rd, 2022 Eagles Nest    



2021-2022 Archive

Date Location Agenda Minutes
April 6, 2022 Library - Zoom Agenda 4/6/2022 (PDF)  
March 2, 2022
Library - Zoom Agenda 3/2/2022 (PDF)  
Feb. 9, 2022 Library - Zoom Agenda  2/9/2022 (PDF)  
Jan. 12, 2022 Library - Zoom Agenda 1/12/2022 (PDF) Minutes 1/12/2022 (PDF)
Dec. 15, 2021 Library - Zoom Agenda 12/15/2021 (PDF)  
Nov. 3, 2021 Library - Zoom Agenda  11/3/2021 (PDF)  
Oct. 6, 2021 Library - Zoom Agenda  10/6/2021 (PDF)  
Sept. 1, 2021 Library - Zoom Agenda   9/1/2021 (PDF)