Seven Academies


Academy Coordinators

Bottom Row (from left): Mr. Frankie Flores (Social Services Academy), Ms. Georgie Morell, (AHAAcademy),
Mr. Gibran Flores Fonseca (ABLLE Academy)
Top Row (from left): Mrs. Kacey Roebuck (STEM Academy), Teresa Grumbles (Green Tech Academy), Mr. Kyle Monk (New Tech Academy), & Mr. Juan Martinez (ECHS Academy) 

Community Service

Seven Academy News

As part of the Austin ISD High School Redesign plan, Akins High School is divided into 7 different Academies. To help each student build a personal vision of greatness, Akins has created seven Academy-structured Smaller Learning Communities.

From 9th-12th-grade career-focused learning, Academies strive to offer rigorous and relevant curricula to promote student success. Each Academy offers a core foundation of courses and real-world learning experiences for every student. Each Academy is led by 3 leaders: the assistant principal, the counselor, and the academy coordinator. At the end of each major, students are able to participate in some type of capstone, internship, and/or practicum program.

Below are links to the Seven Academy pages:

House A-   Academy for Building Leadership & Legal Enterprises - ABL2E

House B-   Green Tech Academy - GTA 

House C-   The Arts & Humanities Academy – AHA 

House D-   Social Services Academy - SSA  

House E-   New Tech Academy - NTA

House F-   Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - STEM

House H-  Early College High School Academy - ECHS