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Welcome to Akins High School Track & Field Team.

We look forward to an exciting & rewarding season. To make a great team a reality it requires dedication, cooperation, and teamwork from all involved in the program: athletes, parents, and coaches. If this is your first experience with running or you are out of condition for running, expect a few weeks of soreness as your body becomes accustomed to the new demands placed upon it. Many people quit running in the first couple of weeks because they say it is too hard. A couple of days or weeks is not enough time to judge how well you can run. You owe it to yourself to try to remain on the team for the entire season. You will be surprised at the difference in your physical condition at the end of the season.

Thanks again for your support of all of our track & field student athletes!


Akins Track #WINGSUP


Track season is HERE! 

The track season will begin on Monday, January 10, 2022. Please keep up with the web page to see try out information and schedule.

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