Orchestra & Guitar

Orchestra at the ready of composer for Salute tribute. Warm and vibrant colors suite the mood.


Sinfonietta Orchestra (Advanced - Varsity) 

This orchestra is composed primarily of 10th-12th graders, and membership is reserved for the most advanced string players. Students are expected to possess a high skill level of playing technique. Emphasis is on the preparation of advanced level literature, and performance that displays the highest level of ensemble playing. This ensemble functions as both a string orchestra and a Varsity Full Orchestra during the year. Weekly sectionals are required. All students are required to audition for all-region orchestra and all students are required to perform at the solo and ensemble contest. Private lessons are mandatory. Auditions and chair placements are held regularly on an as-needed basis throughout the school year.

Camerata Orchestra (Intermediate - non Varsity)

This orchestra is comprised of primarily 9th & 10th graders. Its goal is to continue growth and advancement in the areas of fundamental playing technique, hand position, bowing styles, shifting, intonation and ensemble performance. This orchestra functions as both a string orchestra and non-varsity full orchestra (if possible). Private lessons are necessary to gain the skills needed for advanced orchestra and there are regular auditions and chair placements.

Thomas Mann, M.M.

Director of Orchestras, 

Classical Guitar Ensembles, The New Music Ensemble, and AP Music Theory

Fine Arts Department Chair