Boys Soccer

Akins Boys Soccer Overview

The foundation of the Akins Boys Soccer program is a committed pursuit of excellence in all things at all times. Our players are expected to play with honor, confidence, and courage. They demonstrate the discipline and commitment needed both on and off the field to be excellent. Our style of play is built around a team concept, where possession with a purpose and intelligent soccer is encouraged through creativity, combination play and an attacking mentality.

We want players who will represent our program positively both on and off the field through their attitude, actions and words. It is important that our players develop both on and off the field as student-athletes and leaders. Players are expected to work hard, work smart and work together while displaying a high level of sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

Mental toughness, fitness/speed/strength, technical execution, and tactical awareness are essential for our players. Training sessions are built around these key areas, focusing on soccer specific fitness/speed/strength, speed of play and quality of play, and tactical understanding on both sides of the ball. Team chemistry is expected both on and off the field, as is a high level of commitment and personal discipline. Our fall pre-season program consists of strength and speed/agility/quickness training along with individual technical work. Our winter/spring season includes a highly competitive schedule against regionally ranked teams. During the winter/spring months, our players follow an off-season strength and technical/tactical training program. Players are expected to train in the post-season and throughout the summer months and return to campus for pre-season in top condition physically, mentally, and technically/tactically.

23 -24 Akins Boys Soccer Handbook & Contract


Must have your physical completed before Aug 25, 2023 to be allowed to stay in the soccer class!  See "Important Documents" for Physical and UIL required paperwork.

TRYOUT Grade Check Form

  • You must have a current and valid physical, steroid, concussion, and heart health form on file in the training office before you will be allowed to try out. See the training staff for questions concerning physicals and the related paper work.
  • For athletes who are not in the class, there will be a required grade check form that must be completed and present to Coach Mungia, Coach Carroll, or Coach Vences prior to tryouts.
  • Tryouts will be Nov 27th – 29th, 2023. Tryouts will begin at 4:45 pm sharp and will last till 5:45 pm. You must try out for both days and be on time, to be considered for placement on the soccer team.
  • Grades are important, if you have failed repeatedly one or more classes for the first 9 wks / second 9wks then you may not be considered for placement on the soccer team.
  • You will need to bring your own cleats, shin guards, gloves (GK), water bottle and workout gear.
  • You will be evaluated on your ability to handle physical stress, work ethic, athleticism, soccer skills and tactical play.
  • We will field three teams (JVB, JVA, and Varsity). All three teams will carry approximately 18-20 players.(This number is subject to the coach’s discretion.) Those students who are in the soccer period that are not selected for one of the three teams may be subject for removal from the soccer class.
  • At the conclusion of the Wednesday (Nov. 29) workout either Coach Mungia, Coach Carroll or Coach Vences will notify you as to your position on the soccer team.  Those that are selected to be a part of the soccer team will be required to make all of the workouts, tournaments and games. If you do not think you can fulfill these obligations, then please do not tryout.
  • All athletes who make the team will be required to fundraise towards game polos, workout shirts, team banquet, etc. 
  • Every student athlete must pass in order to play. Weekly grade checks will be due every Thursday or Friday. Simple rule “No Pass, No Play”
  • The Boys Soccer Athletic class is singled blocked at the end of the school (Freshmen on B-Days and Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors on A-Days)
  • All Students who are enrolled in the class are those that made the JVB, JVA, or Varsity teams last year or incoming freshmen.
  • You must have a current physical on file to be in the class by the 1st day of the new school (See our trainers Ann-Marie Reynolds  or Cassandra  Campbell for physical forms and packets).  Failure to complete/turn in your physical to the trainers may result in dismissal from the athletic period based on the coach’s discretion.
  • This is a class for student athletes who are planning on trying out for the Akins High School Soccer
  • This class is physically demanding where we will become better athletes and soccer players.
  • You don’t have to be in the class to try out for the soccer, but if you make the team you will need to request to be in soccer class during the spring semester.  If you are in the class and do not make the team, you will be subject to a schedule change out of the athletic period during the spring semester.
  • For any questions regarding the soccer athletic class or the Akins High School Soccer program, please contact Erasmo Vences (512) 841-9900 ext 27940 or by email at   
  • All student athletes are expected to participate in ALL activities that occur during the soccer (Bring shorts, t-shirt, running shoes AND cleats EVERY DAY.)
  • Students are expected to dress out EVERY class. There is no locker room available to dress out, wear your workout gear under your school clothes and report to the soccer field (bring all your personal belongings with you) by 3:15pm. Student athletes will get 10 additional minutes after the bell rings to report to the workout location (field, weight-room, gym, etc). Failure to report to the field in a timely manner will result in Eagle Reminders as an additional conditioning piece as a consequence.
  • All student athletes will undergo a rigorous off season program during the fall and spring semesters when we are not in season. Our off season program will contain the following elements:
    • Dynamic Stretching/Warm-Up
    • Circuit Conditioning Training
    • One of the following Metabolic Conditioning (“MetCon”) workouts: As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible (“AMRAP”); Rounds For Time (“RFT”); Rep Scheme (Examples: 21-15-9; 21-18-15- 12-9-6-3, )
    • Strength Training (Ex: Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Strongman)
    • Note: All Athletes MUST participate in our off season If you miss a workout, you MUST make up that workout. You will not be permitted to participate in any soccer related activities until you have completed all off season workouts. Failure to complete our off season training/make up workouts may result in removal from the class at the coach’s discretion.
  • Soccer Specific Training Sessions will contain the following elements:
    • Technical Warm-Up
    • Small Sided Game
    • Expanded Small Sided Game
    • Match/Scrimmage


  • We will have practice at the scheduled time unless AISD has cancelled all athletic events after school or cancelled school for the Athletes will also be notified via remind text or email if there is a change in practice plans.
  • If an athlete is unable to attend practice before school or during the athletic period for any reason, then we ask that the athlete make contact with their coach to explain the reason for the
    • JVB Coach: Michael Mungia Remind: @________
    • JVA Coach: Andrew Carroll Remind: @_______
    • Var Coach: Erasmo Vences Remind: @________
    • “Coach, I am calling/emailing to inform you that I will not be in the athletic period/practice because…”
    • If an athlete misses the athletic period or a scheduled after school practice, that athlete’s playing time is subject to change based on the coach’s discretion. If the athlete consistently or chronically “no call, no shows” for practice, their role on the team may be adjusted or the athlete may be subject to dismissal from the team based on the coach’s discretion. Simple rule “No Practice, No Play”.


  • If a game has to be postponed or Athletes will be notified via remind text or email of the change. The final decision to cancel or postpone a game is made by the AISD Athletic Directors office.
  • If an athlete is unable to attend a game for any reason, then we ask that the athlete call, email or send a remind message to explain the reason for the absence.
  • If an athlete misses a game, their playing time is subject to adjustment for the next game.


  • In the event an athlete becomes injured during a practice, game or on their own time we ask that the athlete be seen by our licensed and certified athletic trainers, Coach Reynolds or Coach Campbell, here at Akins HS. They will diagnose the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the injury to help the athlete get back on the field as soon as possible. They will recommend a doctor visit if the injury requires greater medical attention. The trainers will tell the coaching staff who is able to participate and who is not.
  • Injury is NOT an excuse to not attend class, practice or game. Show up, dress out, be limited but support your teammates and coaching staff.
  • All COVID protocols will be directed to our Akins trainers and follow AISD COVID return to play.
We are following all AISD COVID training guidelines to keep our athletes, coaches, & families safe. If you have any questions please reach out to our trainers:   or   



COPA AKINS Varsity Tournament is Jan 11-13, 2024 at AISD Fields.