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Your 2024 Akins Early College High School Yearbook is currently being built.

Buy Your Yearbook

Preorder your copy before December 20 to get it at the lowest possible cost - link




Senior Ad in the Yearbook -

  1. Choose “Personal Ad” via the link
    1. Full page - $250
    2. Half Page - $130
    3. Quarter Page - $70
    4. Eighth Page $35

Senior ads can be reserved now and completed before March 13, 2024.



Senior Portraits are currently underway at CADY. Seniors can book studio time at the Cedar Park studio anytime before January 21, 2024.

Every session includes:

  • Your Yearbook Photo (Tux / shrug are provided)
  • Your Cap & Gown Photo (cap & gown provided)

Sign up for a studio date here - link


CADY will be bringing their cameras TO Akins (A "Roadshow") a few times this year.
There is no sitting fee cost.

  • Saturday, September 16  (In the Foyer) - DONE
  • Thursday, October 19 (In the courtroom) - DONE
  • Friday, October 20 (In the courtroom) - DONE
  • Tuesday, January 17 (In the courtroom) - sign up here - link
  • Wednesday, January 18 (In the courtroom) - sign up here - link


Yearbook Adviser walks you through free Senior Portrait Session Booking:


SCHOOL PHOTOS (9-11th Grade)

School portraits for the 2023-34 schoolyear are taken by CADY. You can order them here  - link

School underclass photo dates: August 30, 31. - DONE
Make-up photo date: Friday, October 6. - DONE

Questions: Reach out to CADY at, 1-737-242-8305 or live chat at



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