Attendance Incentive Policy (New)

Semester Exam Attendance Incentive Policy

Akins Early College High School will continue to offer Semester Exam Attendance Incentives. Students will have the opportunity to use their semester average (average of the first and second quarter) as their final exam score for their classes based on their grades, attendance, and behavior. Please read the complete policy. The purpose of the Attendance Incentive is to encourage students to be engaged in their learning.  Although this has been an atypical semester, there are many that have managed to successfully navigate through the process and that is to be commended!

Reminders: READ the policy. Students must be present on the day of their final. For more information, see the policy document. UT OnRamps and Dual Credit courses are ineligible for this incentive.  

To figure out your attendance percentage: Log on the student portal, click on "Cloud," then click on "attendance." Remember, you need to have 90% attendance or higher in any class to use the incentive for your final exam score. 

For questions or further clarification, please contact your student's Academy Assistant Principal: 

  • ABLLE (Business & Law): Brad Lancaster
  • AHA (Arts & Humanities): Jennifer Dawson
  • ECHS (Early College High School): Manuel Garcia
  • GTA (Green Tech): Victoria Boykins (AP Intern)
  • NTA (New Tech): Dr. Susan Thames
  • SSA (Social Services): Lori Mayfield
  • STEM (Engineering): Carman Wissel