New Tech Academy


New Tech Academy LogoPhotograph of Dr. Susan Thames, New Tech Academy Assistant Principal.

Dr. Susan Thames
Assistant Principal, New Tech Academy
phone: 512-841-9900 ext. 71227

Photograph of New Tech Counselor Ms. Belinda Garces

Belinda Garces
Counselor, New Tech Academy
phone: (512)841-9900 ext. 71511

Photograph of Kyle Monk, the New Tech Academy Coordinator

Kyle Monk
Academy Coordinator, New Tech Academy
phone: (512)841-9900 ext. 71289

About New Tech

Where Creating Possibilities is Our Passion

Innovative Model

Akins New Tech Academy (NTA) follows an instructional model that seeks to mimic a professional environment in order to better prepare students for life outside of high school.  Students participating in the NTA experience work in groups to solve problems while using technology as a tool.  Students and staff share a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. One of the primary goals of Akins NTA is to empower students to be independent, creative, and self-motivated while gaining a college-ready knowledge base.


Akins New Tech Academy opened in August 2006 with 150 10th grade students drawn from the Akins High School student population. Each subsequent year, a grade level was added. New Tech now has almost 400 students! Just like all of the other academic Academies at Akins, students self-select New Tech and are accepted as long as space is available.

Technology as a Tool

Technology, in the form of a one-to-one student to networked computer ratio, is the platform that supports project-based learning. Students have access to the network e-mail, internet access at home, and storage space for an electronic portfolio.

Project-Based Learning

All classes are taught using the Project-Based Learning Model. Teachers assign projects that meet the state standards required for each class by challenging students to address problems faced by real people in real situations. Students must use a variety of skills to complete research and present their ideas.  Included in the scope of each project are assignments that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills addressed in the school-wide learning outcomes.


New Tech students take their core courses just like all Akins students.  For electives, student are allowed to take courses toward a career pathway of their choosing.  This is where the real magic happens!  In New Tech, students are allowed to choose from these eight career pathways:

  • Computer Maintenance 
  • Programming/Software Development
  • Animation/Video Game Design
  • Commercial Photography
  • Newspaper
  • Yearbook
  • Digital Publications
  • Film - Audio & Video Productions

New Tech Major Pathways

Community Service