Registrar's Office & Graduation Coach

Student Enrollment/Registro de Estudiante

Students must be present and ready to start the day of registration.

Days: Monday - Thursday 

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am 

Estudiantes deben estar presente y listos para comenzar el dia de registro.

Dias: Lunes - Jueves

Hora: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Student Withdrawals/Retiro de Estudiantes

Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

To withdraw your student, the parent/legal guardian must come in person with a photo ID and all school issued items such as: Chromebook, library books, teachers' books, sports uniforms, etc.

*ONLY the parent or guardian listed on the student's database will be able to request a withdrawal.

Lunes - Viernes 8:30 am a 4:30 pm

Para darle de baja a su estudiante, tiene que venir en persona con su identificacón y todos los artículos de la escuela como: Chromebook, libros de la biblioteca, libros de maestros, uniformes de deportes, etc. 

*SOLAMENTE el padre o tutor anotado en la base de datos del estudiante puede dar de baja.


Staff Contacts/Contactos de Personal

martinezRaquel Martinez, Registrar


Phone Number: (512) 841-9900 ext. 71509

Registrar for the Green Tech, Social Services, and STEM Academies


Tesi Trevino, Registrar


Phone Number: (512) 841-9900 ext. 71161 

Registrar for the ABLLE, AHA, and New Tech Academies


Jeffrey Soto Irizarry, PEIMS Coordinator


Phone Number: (512) 841-9900 ext. 71337

(Student Withdrawals, Address Changes, & Income Verifications)


sotoCladianis Soto, Graduation Readiness Coach


Phone Number: (512) 841-9900 ext. 71198

The Graduation Readiness Coach assists students who need additional support to graduate with their cohort. Together, the student and the Graduation Coach, identify the various barriers preventing them from graduating and thru collaboration, develop a plan of action that will help keep them in school and move forward to graduating. Each plan will involve setting interventions that will help overcome these barriers and allow the student to be successful.

The Graduation Readiness Coach works closely with campus support such as the Principal, Assistant Principals, counselors, teachers, campus social worker, Child Study Team to help create an effective system that promotes parental involvement. Parents/guardians will have access to campus support they need while on campus. Students and parents/guardians will have access to support, resources, and alternative placement options to help their student on their pathway toward graduation.

Let's help our students build a future together!