Final Exams Attendance Incentives

What are Final Exam Incentives and how do I earn one?: Students may earn an attendance incentive in each class by meeting the following requirements (more specific info can be found in the attachment):

  1. 90% or higher in attendance per class. Overall, if you have MORE than 4 absences for the semester in a class period, that would put you BELOW 90%. 

  2. For standard courses (and Pre-AP), an average cumulative grade of 85% or higher for the grading periods going into final exams

  3. For AP courses, an average cumulative grade of 80% or higher for the grading periods going into final exams

  4. If students meet these criteria, their final exam grade will be replaced with that cumulative average

  5. Students must still be present (in-person) on the day of the final exam for that course

  6. The student must have no disciplinary suspensions or ALC

  7. This attendance incentive does not apply to OnRamps/ACC dual-credit courses

The purpose of the Akins Attendance Incentive Policy is to encourage students to be engaged in their learning!  Although this has been a difficult semester for many students, there are some that have managed to successfully navigate through the process and that is to be commended!  Many will not be eligible this semester, but for those who are this can be a nice way to end the semester! Please begin talking with your classes about this policy and about final exams for your courses. Watch this VIDEO to help you understand the policy.