Track & Field Participant Guidelines

General Information

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I. Practice & Meets

  1. Morning Practice for Distance Runners (7:10-8:30am)
  2. Afternoon Practice for Sprinters, Throwers, & Field Events ( 4:45 - 6:15pm)
  3. Briefing for Upcoming meet & Practice (Issue Equipment & Cover Procedures on Day before Track Meets)
  4. Practices will generally be held Monday- Thursday, unless there is a meet or
  5. PLEASE CHECK IN 15 Before practice and you must bring your own water.

II. Team Selection

  1. Must have a PHYSICAL
  2. Athletes will be selected for Varsity or Sub Varsity based on the following criteria:
    1. Athletic Ability
    2. Skill level & Experience
  • Performance
  1. Fitness & Conditioning
  2. Leadership & Teamwork
  3. Coach-ability and Attitude
  • Academics
  1. In order to be selected on a team, each participant must meet the following expectations:
    1. Pass all academic classes
    2. No disciplinary referrals
  • Be able to follow coaches instructions
  1. Be able to commit their time and effort to the Must be at Practice
  2. Track & Field Members & XC Runners who are in the class period MUST attend track meets during the The AISD & District Track Meets are required for all runners, throwers, and field events.

III. Travel

  1. All participants may ride the bus on the day of the meet and either get picked up after their last event (highly recommended) or ride back on the bus on away meets. (24 athletes per bus or 1 per seat).
  2. You may only leave with your parent or
  3. No one is allowed to ride the bus unless he is a member of the Akins Track Team
  4. For meets at Burger students will need to be picked up from Burger Stadium, there will be no return bus back to Akins.
  5. Juniors and Seniors may transport themselves and only themselves to home meets with parent
  6. Parents may also drive student athletes to the Each week our coaches will give you a time to be at the meet.

IV. Injuries

  1. All injuries must be reported to the coaches and the school The injury will be examined by the school trainer or on site trainer at events to determine proper treatment.
  2. Participants who have a serious or chronic health problem must have proper medical documentation on file with school trainer.
  3. No injured participant will run or practice until he or she is cleared by a physician and/or school trainer only.

V. Absences

  1. Absences must be reported to the coach before practice through the Remind
  2. Participant must email or send a remind to inform the coaches about missing, especially if you think you may have COVID or where possible exposed to someone who tested positive for
  3. Unexcused absences will be dealt with on an individual
  4. No participant will suit-up or participate in a meet if he/she has excessive unexcused absence from practice.
  5. Participants who skip practice may be suspended or removed from the The time suspended will depend on the offense.

VI. Discipline

  1. School rules and the authority of the school district to administer discipline apply whenever the interest of the school is involved, on or off grounds, in conjunction with or independent of class and school- sponsored activities.
  2. All participants will adhere to all the school rules, academic standards, and UIL
  3. Disciplinary actions will be enforced by school officials and
  4. Athletes whose actions conflict with school rules, track rules, or UIL rules may be dismissed from the program.
  5. Team Rule: Every time a coach looks at you, they should be proud of
    1. Further Explanation: Be where you’re suppose to be, when you’re suppose to be, doing it to the best of your ability.

VII. Fair Share & Other Costs

  1. Each Track member will be required to pay a fair share fee of $25 for the entire track
  2. Fair Share is needed in order to give you child the best athletic experience
  3. Fair Share goes to maintaining & building our track Fair share is used for getting new team equipment (blocks, jump mats, hurdles, throwing implements, uniforms, sweats, shoes, etc.) as needed, meet day snacks & drinks.
  4. Other Cost that are not required: throughout the season we will have opportunities for athletes to purchase personal gear that they are able to keep & meet day meals.
  5. Fair Share of $25 is due by the 2nd week of the
  6. Athletes who cannot pay for their fair share will be asked to do a group fundraising
  1. You are responsible for any equipment that is issued to you on meet days, any kept items that are not turned in or that are lost will result in the following fees: uniform top: $50, uniform bottom $30, Shot put/ Disc: $80, New Sweats $100).
  2. Any athletes account that is not in good standing by May 1st will result in a hold on their student They will not be able to register for classes/ graduation, prom, ect. Until their account is in good standing.