College Credit While in High School

Ways to Earn College Credit While in High School:

Advanced Placement Tests 

A student can take an AP class to prepare for the AP tests administered at the end of each school year in May. Depending on the student's score (between a 1 and 5), they can be awarded college credit by the college or university to which they are admitted. Each institution determines how much credit an AP test will earn on their campus. Students wanting to earn credit should expect to need to earn a MINIMUM of a 3 on their AP tests. More commonly, schools are looking at 4's and 5's for transcripting credit. The AP program is a very respected program known for its rigor and ability to prepare students for actual college courses. Students taking AP courses and making 3+ on the AP test show much greater success in college than those students who've never taken an AP course.

Dual Credit 

Dual credit is a program in which students can earn college credit for a class simultaneously while earning high school credit towards graduation. A student takes an actual college course (usually on a college campus - AISD partners with Austin Community College) and if successful, that same class meets the graduation requirements at the high school level, as well. This program is a great opportunity for students to experience a college course with other college students. Students successful in the dual credit program (earning a C or better) are GUARANTEED college credit at PUBLIC institutions in the state of Texas. Students can start taking dual credit the summer after their 8th-grade year. Students can take an unlimited number of courses, however, there are limits to how many courses will have the fee waived. Also, students in dual credit are held to SAP standards (see link on SAP). Students are responsible for travel and books. Students must qualify for dual credit by showing TSI exemption.

Dual Enrollment 

Dual enrollment is similar to dual credit, but it's a little more complicated. Basically, a student enrolled with their high school AND a college at the same time. If a student took this type of class, they would earn college credit while in high school. Also, the UT program, UT OnRamps which is our most commonly accessed type of dual enrollment. In OnRamps courses, students start off dual-enrolled but have the option to make the class dual credit halfway through the school year, if they feel they would be successful taking the college-level exit exam.

Articulated Credit 

Articulated credit is basically "credit in escrow," meaning - if you meet the following 3 requirements:

  1. Student is successful in the high school course
  2. Student is successful on the end of course exam
  3. Student enrolls in at least 1 college course and is successful in the course 

Samples of articulated credit classes offered at Akins are:

  • Advanced Computer Programming
  • Computer Technician
  • Video Game Design
  • Biomedical Innovation
  • Civil Engineering Design & Development
  • 911 Communication
  • Law Enforcement 2
  • Ready, Set, Teach
  • CNA certification
  • EMS certification
  • Phlebotomy certification