Tennis Player Guidelines

Tennis Handbook & Player Agreement

Tennis Program Player Guidelines

Students are expected to establish high academic standards for themselves.  Students are required to turn in a grade check every week signed by all teachers.. Students who are in danger of academic ineligibility should consult the Coach immediately so that all avenues for assistance can be explored.
Players should play the game with pride and class.  It is a privilege to play tennis for Akins High School and not a right.  All coaches, players, fans and other school personnel should be treated with respect.  Please remember that players represent their school, their tennis program, their family and themselves. We expect student-athletes to show class at all times.  Inappropriate behavior is grounds for discipline from the coaching staff, including suspension or removal from the tennis program.  The use of profanity, throwing equipment, arguing or questioning an officials, or any other embarrassing demeaning or offensive behavior is strictly prohibited.
The Akins Tennis program has zero tolerance.  It is against the law and will not be tolerated within the program.  Players cited for using alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs will be suspended or removed from the tennis program. 
A bus or van will be provided for players to and from tournaments.  Players are expected to ride the bus with the tennis team to and from locations.  Any exceptions must be cleared by the head coach.  Players will demonstrate appropriate behavior while on the bus, or they will be subject to discipline including but not limited to suspension from tournaments and/or practices.
AStudent athletes are expected and required to attend all of their classes throughout the school day.  If a student is marked as UNEXCUSED ABSENT during the day, the student athlete is ineligible for the day and not able to participate in tournaments that day.  Unless previously discussed with the head coach.  GO TO YOUR CLASSES!
If a student athlete misses 1/2 day of school as EXCUSED ABSENSE, they are eligible for that day’s tournament and/or practice.  It is the PLAYER’S responsibility to communicate with the head coach if they will miss a tournament or practice ASAP.
All players should report injuries to the head coach immediately, regardless if the injury occurred during a tournament, practice, or outside of the tennis course. Coaches must ensure that our players receive proper diagnosis as well as treatment for a quick and healthy recovery.  Akins training staff should also be contacted.
Moving student-athletes up to varsity or moving student-athletes down from varsity to JV may take place throughout the season.  When student athletes are being moved within the program, the coach will speak with the student athlete(s) involved prior to making any level changes. This discussion will provide the reason(s) for the change.
  • Strive to do your academic best; do not just settle for passing.
  • Support and back-up your teammates on and off the court.
  • Be coach-able, we know you bring a lot of experience but keep an open mind.
  • Do not transfer blame or make excuses. Look to yourself and only yourself.
  • Be on time and be prepared for all tennis- activities.
  • Play the game (Summer too).
  • Show respect for all coaches, students, players, officials, parents, teachers, and staff.
  • Players will communicate directly with their coach on any issues they may have.
  • Lead by example on and off the court. Set the standard high for future Akins athletes to follow.
  • DO NOT do anything that will embarrass your family, the program, your coaches, your teammates, or yourself.
  • Always exhibit proper tennis etiquette.
  • Tennis is meant to be fun, HAVE FUN. Learn the game and enjoy the privilege of playing the game of Tennis.

Severity will be determined by the coach and will be dealt with at his discretion.

First Offense Consequence: 

  1. Coach and Student conference.
  2. Discipline will be set by coach.

Second Offense Consequence: 

  1. Coach/Parent/Student Conference held.
  2. Discipline will set by coach. Possible suspension or loss of playing time may occur.
  3. Student will not be eligible for any school or District awards: MVP, Most Improved, etc…..

Third Offense Consequence: 

  1. Student will be dismissed from the program.
  2. The Principal, Athletic Coordinator and Head coach will evaluate the situation upon completion of the year to consider reinstatement for the following year.
  1. During the calendar year, the student must be behavior/incident free from further offenses.
  2. Appeals must be written to the Principal, Athletic Coordinator and Head Coach.
Social media is an extension of you, so you are responsible for your social media posts and comments. Use good judgment. Remember YOU represent Akins as a Student Athlete on and off the field!  Any negative comments towards the team, coach, school or questionable content will be addressed and will have consequences.
The biggest role that parents can play is to support their student-athletes in school. Insist on academic excellence. Tell your player to communicate with the coach on issues first.   Attendance and showing good sportsmanship at tournaments and matches is expected and greatly appreciated.  Please remember to keep comments positive, whether they are to or about your own son/daughter, another player or parent, a coach, an opposing player, parent or coach. Be loyal to the program.