Gifted & Talented

Akins High School Gifted and Talented Program

Students identified as Gifted and Talented are served at the secondary level in grades 9-12 through Advanced courses in their area(s) of giftedness – Humanities (Language Arts and/or Social Studies) or STEM (Science and/or Math). Gifted and Talented Services at Akins High School include instruction by a teacher with the appropriate GT Foundations training and required specialized training in the following areas:

  • Advanced Courses
  • Advanced Placement
  • Dual Credit (requires passing TSI score), or 
  • Advanced-level CTE courses. 

Students identified as Gifted and Talented should register for advanced level courses in the area of their special talent. During course selection time, students along with their parent/guardian will select courses for the upcoming school year. Should the advanced level course not be selected in the area of special talent, the parent must agree by signature that the student will either furlough (first time in academic level) or exit (second time in academic level) the student from the GT Program in that particular subject.

For more information, please visit the AISD Gifted and Talented Website.

GT Referral and Screening Process

Akins Early College High School is pleased to announce that referrals for Gifted and Talented students in grades 9-12 are being accepted from September 19th to October 7th! Please submit your referral by completing this Gifted and Talented Interest Survey or by completing and returning a GT Parent Checklist to the Akins High School Front Office. Interested parents and guardians may also contact the Akins Campus GT Advocate, Ms. Lori Mayfield at, or Akins Campus GT Counselor, Ms. Margarita Moreno,, with any additional questions.

Additional information can be found on the Austin ISD Gifted and Talented Website and by viewing the Gifted and Program Awareness Session in English or Spanish.


Referral Window for SY2022-23: September 19-October 7

Los padres y cuidadores pueden proporcionar el nombre de su niño al representante de Dotados y Talentosos (GT, por sus siglas en inglés) de su escuela para que sea considerado en el Programa de Dotados y Talentosos. El representante GT de la escuela podrá darle información más detallada.

Periodo de tiempo para el ano escolar SY2022-23 sera el 19 de septiembre al 7 de octubre

Students may be identified in one or more of the following areas: 

  • GT STEM (science and mathematics), 
  • GT Humanities (language arts and social studies), 
  • Talent Explore STEM (science and mathematics), or 
  • Talent Explore Humanities (language arts and social studies).  

Qualitative and quantitative measures are collected. Qualitative measures include a Parent Observation Form, Teacher Observation Form, and a student work sample completed at school. The quantitative measure is a standardized assessment.


Gifted and Talented Parent Resources

These resources are designed for parents/guardians.