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Class of 2023

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Gradutes: To find out the steps to remove your HOLDS after graduation, go here: ACC Traditional Students 

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NEW / Incoming Students: we will help you apply to ACC and register for your courses when Akins ECHS school starts in August. For now, focus on the TSI! You will take your first college class in the Spring of your freshman year once you are ELAR/TSI-ready. For information about the TSI, go here.  

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ACC Schedule and Instructor Contacts: This is for students that are taking ACC courses. MOST freshmen will only be taking classes at Akins ECHS with Akins faculty. This list may NOT include all courses being taken by our ACC students. Students in ACC courses will have their virtual classes using the Blackboard system. Go here for assistance with the Blackboard system: Blackboard Tech Support

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Remember to always check the ACC Akins Guide Document and the ECHSA Blend Course for updates, deadlines, and help. #AkinsEagles #RiverBats #AustinCommunityCollege.

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Here are the steps to withdraw from an ACC Course*: 1. You have met with the ECHS leaders to discuss your current progress and grades in ACC: have you completed all possible assignments/assessments and/or extra credit? Come during FIT. 2. You have met with your professor either in-person or virtually (office hours) or after/before class sessions. 3. You have regularly attended your ACC courses on time.

4. You have attended tutorials either through ACC or Akins ECHS: 

5. You have utilized your off-periods, FIT, and ACC study periods efficiently. 6. Your parents/guardians are aware of this request and/or you are aware that this may affect future courses in ACC. Also, ACC advisors may place you on an academic hold (or possibly probation) and inform you of additional advising. You will most likely have to meet with ACC advisors in the next semester.

7. Withdraw from a course here: 

8. See your high school counselor and obtain an updated schedule. Return any textbooks for the courses you withdrew from.  Please note that Withdrawals follow you after high school graduation. If you are withdrawing and/or failing a course that you need for high school credit, you may be placed in Akins ECHS courses to recover that credit. Students that do not follow the process, may receive a high school grade of "0%" as their course-equivalent grade.  You will also have to sign a DocuSign contract with your parents/guardians explaining your reason for withdrawing.


*pending high school campus, district, and Austin Community College updates.